Preferred by 4 out of 5 bass!


mudbug green pumpkinseed red flake

color shown: green pumpkinseed red flake color chart


Pro staffer Solomon Glenn talks about the MG Lures mudbug.

Product Details

  • 3.5 inch length
  • .5 inch body width
  • fully rounded, ribbed body
  • side appendages and claws to simulate crawfish

Product Description

Crawfish/creature bait that can be Texas rigged for flipping and pitching. Or rigged on a jig as a bulky trailer.

It's mid sized claws produce great action with subtle vibrations on the fall. This bait stands up amazingly when worked on the bottom and the main body has a unique shape with good surface area for improved skipping. With its versatility and tantalizing action, the Mudbug is sure to be a favorite!

Mudbug - 8 pack $4.25


The Mudbug is my favorite bait in the line. The claws produce amazing action but in a more subtle way. It does not move a ton of water, but naturally quivers and shakes. I absolutely love throwing the Mudbug as a jig trailer. It looks like no other jig trailer and it has caught me hundreds of fish each season.

Solomon Glenn